Homepricerecords.com Terms of Service
1. This document represents a legally binding agreement between any person who choses to request information from the webserver server serving it (henceforth the "USER") and Homepricerecords.com an unincorporated sole-proprietorship company operating in the state of California (henceforth the "COMPANY"). The body of information provided by the company including but not limited to the website http://www.homepricerecords.com/ will henceforth be known as the the "SITE".
2. The act of viewing pages served by the company's webservers on the part of the user constitutes acceptance of term #1. If the user does not accept term #1, he is officially prohibited from requesting further pages from the company's webservers. In the event he continues to request pages from the company's webservers in violation of these terms, he acknowledges the right of the company to seek damages.
3. The company grants the right to view pages served by its webservers to any individual who is acting only on his own behalf and not on behalf on a business entity of any type. This right extends only to the time period immediately following the user requesting a page. The company reserves the right to revoke this right at any time. The company reserves the right to limit a user's use of its servers based on any criteria it deems fit.
4. Users who use the site excessively (as defined by a judgment call on the part of the company) will likely be barred from further use or required to register as a commercial user of the site (see below). Any kind of automated crawling of the site (with the exception of the 5 largest search engines in the world) is strictly prohibited.
5. Users who use the site for business purposes are required to buy a license. The company will likely (but not definitely) waive this requirement for minor and infrequent business use, however any high level of business use (an entire real estate office using it frequently for example) will be met with the licensing requirement. Exact licensing rates will vary with business conditions.
6. The user acknowledges that while information found on the site is believed to be correct, it is not guaranteed as such. He further acknowledges there are numerous reasons the information could in fact be false and agrees that the company is in no way liable or subject to damages resulting from the unforeseen falseness of information found on the site.
7. The user agrees not to use information found on the site to influence financial transactions of any sort. He further agrees that in the event he violates these terms and uses the information as a basis for financial transactions that the company is in no way liable for his misuse of the information.
8. The company makes absolutely no attestations or guarantees regarding the correctness or completeness of data on the site and can never be held liable for its accuracy or misuse under any circumstances
9. While the company does not currently collect personally identifiable information without asking, the user acknowledges that any information it obtains otherwise in the normal course of doing business (webserver logs, query history, traffic patterns, etc) will potentially be used by the company for analysis of its business. The user further acknowledges that the company has the right to ask users to volunteer personally identifiable information, and that in the event that such information is volunteered the company then has the right to store it and share it with partners.